Cleaning Hacks to make life easier

No one likes to spend too much time in cleaning. Here is the list of some cleaning hacks which will help save time; money and effort, in turn, make your life easier. Before you start cleaning next time, be sure to look at these cleaning hacks it will get the cleaning done more effectively and with little effort.

Microwave Cleaning:

Microwaves are used in the home frequently and can easily get messy if especially if you left or forget your food over a little longer. Here is an easy hack to make it clean and shine again without wearing yourself by doing scrubbing with hands. Fill a microwave safe bowl and fill it with two cups of water. Pour two to 3 tablespoon of white vinegar in water. If you want it to smell nice, then add few drops of dishwasher liquid or essential oil. Microwave the solution for five minutes. If too much messy then leave it for a further couple of minutes. Wipe the microwave thoroughly with a paper towel, sponge or some cleaning rag. The microwave will be clean, shiny and with a better smell in no time.

Stove Burners:

Stove Burners can take-up lot of time and efforts while cleaning. It can be pretty much hectic as well to remove buildup gunk on stove burners. Here is a cleaning hack which will make your life a lot easier and you will be amazed at the results. Take a zip lock bag and put only a small amount of ammonia. Remember too much ammonia will not work because it is the fumes of ammonia which will do the trick. Carry out this process in the garage or open area so that fumes will not spread in the close area. Let the zip lock bag sit overnight. Use gloves to open the bag next day and remember to turn face away to avoid nasty smell and fumes. Wipe off the burner and rinse it. And here is your shiny Burner just as like new again.

Shower heads:

It is very hectic and time-consuming to clean the crust buildup near pores and around the shower heads and other plumbing fixtures. But don’t worry now, here is a cleaning hack that will clean the shower head while you will enjoy your sleep in the night.

Pro Tip from my friend Jeff who is a plumber in Canton, MI-Take a plastic bag and pour in some white vinegar. Tie it with some rubber bands with shower head inside of the bag. Leave it overnight. Remove the bag in the morning and open cold water. Most of the crust and debris will be removed. If you still see some left then use an old toothbrush dipped in vinegar. Will minimum effort it will also be removed.

Carpet stains:

Stains left on a carpet of anything are tough to remove. It takes lots of effort and time to scrub the stains and no one like doing it. Here is the hack for removing stains which will make your life easy in all future cleanings. All you need is a solution in a spray bottle containing two parts water and one part vinegar, an iron and a damp cleaning rag. Spray the solution on the affected area. After the solution get absorbed in that spot, then put the damp cloth on it and iron it down on steam mode for a minute. When you remove the rag, the stain should have come out with it easily. Leave the iron for an extra minute for hard stains.

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