Video about Kitchen Hacks-Opinion


As you can see from the video above, not all life hacks are created equal.  Some work better than others and like anything else in life you take what you like and leave what you don’t.

This video has four hacks. In my opinion, only two of them are pretty great, one is okay and the other is just silly. Lets break them down.

  1. The first one that is actually pretty useful is the bottle used to remove egg yolks.  Being a fairly health conscious individual, I sometimes make egg white omelettes or remove some of the yolks when making scrambled eggs.  So this comes in pretty useful for me.
  2. The second useful one is the Nutella chocolate milk hack.  I have always had a hard time getting the last bit of chocolately goo out of the container and would probably actually use this one.
  3. The one that is only slightly useful is the the apple core syringe.  This seems pretty time consuming and you could see that it did not even enter straight so part of the core was left.  On top of that, hacks are suppose to save time and I don’t really think that this one achieves that because I really think it would be quicker to cut the apple up with a knife.
  4. The one that I personally think is useless is the lemon squeezer, why dirty a dish when you have your God given hands that make a much better squeezer than a pair of tongs.  Your hands would do a much better job getting the juice out as well.

Like it or hate it, that is my take.

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